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5 Causes of Skin Blemishes

We’ve all had them; even people blessed with clear complexions have encountered a blemish in their lifetime and when they pop up you want to be prepared to beat the blemish, fast! jane iredale Zap & Hide® Blemish Concealer is ideal for truly blemish prone skin as it’s packed with pure pigment, botanical ingredients that work to soothe redness and a treatment to fight bacteria whilst covering your spot like a traditional concealer should. The consistency is smooth and so easy to blend on top of any fluid or powder foundation.

What Causes Skin Blemishes?



If you consume too much dairy or sugar products than your body can tolerate, this can also cause blemishes. If you find blemishes on the chin, jawline or in the neck area this may be a sign. Your body excretes things that your body can’t digest to the surface of the skin in the form of blemishes.



Hormones can also play a role in blemishes whether you’re a teenager or not, any change in your hormone level can cause a flare up. Hormonal fluctuations caused by pregnancy, menopause, menstruation and the use hormonal types of birth control can cause or worsen blemishes. Hormones influence the oil glands to produce excess oil and some of it backs up in the pores, forming blemishes.


Are you touching your face too often? If you're breaking out around your chin or jawline, a lot of the time, it's caused by subconsciously touching your face throughout the day. This may spread bacteria to your face which may cause blemishes and other skin problems.


Have you been under too much stress lately? This may be another cause for your blemishes. When you are stressed, you have an organ called the adrenal gland which overproduces a stress hormone known as cortisol to help your body deal with stress. This pushes the sebaceous glands into overdrive and cause more oil production which will increase your chance of developing a clogged pore, causing blemishes.


Sleeping with your make up on and also the addition of free radicals, dirt, oil and debris that has built up on your face during the day give bacteria a great ground o breed which can result in can trigger blemishes. It is important to wash wash your face before sleeping at night using a well-balanced cleanser to keep away from unwanted blemishes on your face.


Zap & Hide® Blemish Concealer

jane iredale’s Zap & Hide Blemish Concealer will Zap blemishes with the clear blemish balm, which contains beneficial botanicals and antioxidants, then hide them with a highly pigmented concealer that’s easily layered and gentle on your skin, solve two concerns with one product. A highly pigmented concealer that contains beneficial botanicals and antioxidants that soothe and minimise the appearance of redness